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Divino Nino, is a paramount pediatric care center, providing medical health care to infants, through state of the art facilities and latest technological equipment. They strive to cater to infants, children, and adolescents and serve them with specialized care against critical diseases such as respiratory failure on a ventilator, children with congenital heart, kidney and liver transplant, etc. Dr. Denise, Dr, shin Hua, and Dr. Emmanouil are highly trained and professionals, and proudly addressing the medical needs of children. Divino Nino was questing a digital representation, thus, they collaborated with us to for social media marketing and web development services, to seek technological advancement and creativity in their business. We delivered both services with the simple principle, i.e. using minimal resources. Moreover, their prime purpose of acquiring more patients, and visitors came into reality through our struggles of providing eye-catching webs and engaging SMM content and techniques. We contentedly brought patient attraction with IT solutions and digital interaction.

Project Goal

  • Providing a digital representation
  • Increase traffic on the website and social platforms
  • Enhancing search engine experience for the patient
  • Bringing technology and satisfaction for customers
  • Bringing leads and online patient appointments through digital platforms


  • Bringing organic traffic
  • Making them accessible on search engine with quality content
  • Extracting creativity and innovation that is applicable practically
  • Bringing patients on the website of social platform
  • Design of practical and realistic solutions


  • Market insights analysis
  • Use of social media campaigns
  • Addressing 404 errors
  • Utilizing digital marketing contests
  • Improve the site’s page load speed


  • Facebook Page Likes – 2000
  • 5.0 out of 5.0 Rating – 43 People
  • Videos Posted – 600
  • Posts per week – 3
  • Contest per year – 12


Increase in traffic

We are utilizing numerous techniques and bringing large number of online patients and appointments. Thus, we ensured customer satisfaction and trust.


Increase in visibility

By using various SMM techniques, we are successfully rising the search engine visibility and providing patient engagement to the businesses of our client.


Increase in appointments

We got a growing rate of appointments from various patients and platforms. We are establishing loyalty among the minds of our potential and targeted people.


Amazing Team!!! Exceptional Quality!!! Such a great impact they made on our “Online” presence. Can’t thank them enough.

Dr. Denise Nunez

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